Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thorn in my side?

Well at least for me, modern technology has proved to be a good thing. The diagnosis was clean cut and explained thoroughly with charts and graphs to back up the intellect. The epidural was textbook. Everything worked out to the letter. Before the epidural I was unable to walk for several days and then I had to use a cane. After the epidural -I have minimal pain. depends on me. Will I be a good girl or not and stay conscience of the mechanics of my back? I need to be vigilant against the perils of a poor diet and non-existent exercise. I should be fine if I take care of myself with a healthy lifestyle and NO BUNGEE JUMPING! Awwwww, now I have to cancel that bungee class. I will of course continue therapy on my back and continue to take it easy. A bad back is no joke.

So, NOT LIKE Frida, a broke back is not the thorn in my side.


  1. Your web page is interesting. It is great your have decided to take sign language. It is a very inspiring language .. keep it up. My question is, why a year of silence? What do you expect to accomplish.


  2. I have no doubt that you will, but Continue to Take Care of Urself yo...

  3. What about parasailing or parachuting? A little adventure is o.k. (-: I'm just happy that you're not in so much pain anymore. It was breaking my heart to see you like that and not be able to do anything about it. I love you. The blog is great. Do yo thang!

  4. Hi sis,
    I'm so glad your not in pain anymore, that really means allot to me. To see you walking around with that cane kind of freaked me out. Your doing everything right, you have the resources and the intelligence to make yourself better! I'm kinda going through some pain myself, it's emotional though. I'm tired of being rejected with the job search thing, I mean it's already August, it's month after month of the same thing. I know I'm not alone in this struggle and that's what it is, a struggle. I still have to keep positive and energetic, I mean back in 1995 when I left, a guy in my situation could at least get a City check, I mean it wasn't much but it got you deodorant and basic life necessities. The Food Stamps are a blessing though. I'll be ok, I mean maybe this is all part of the plan. lol. I'm just so tired of rejection. Well I'm kinda excited about your year of silence, what made you do this again? You heard of someone els doing it? Well it's nice your in a situation you can do it. You know I have very fond memories of you, and I love you and your family very much, and even though I'm going through a very difficult time right now, I know this too will pass.