Saturday, August 14, 2010

All's well that ends well...

Well, my "SAVE THE TATA'S" campaign was cut short. I was halfway there with my favorite color being pink and all....however, all the extra attention and test on my breast came back with benign results. Nothing to worry about. Technology showed in cyborg detail the inner workings of my inside parts. Quite amazing really!

This is the time of year when I have all my medical appointments scheduled. I've had my annual physical, nutritionist, GYN, dentist, eye doctor, back specialist, physical therapy and mammogram. So with all my physical test and procedures behind me, for at least another year, my mind is now free to get back to real healing - the healing of the spirit. The art studio as a living an breathing entity is making tremendous progress. The office is painted and I begin painting the bathroom today. I'm super excited!

I need to be in the studio.

Right now I feel like a fish out of water in most situations. As I observe myself while I interact with people, I find my mind struggling to stay engaged. Talk of the weather and what the neighbor did disinterests me. Yet I realize and agree that listening to others is an integral part of nurturing and maintaining that relationship. I'm craving more meaningful content to my conversations. Of course it is because of the space I'm in. When I was not so involved in my own growth I was much more tolerant of the daily "chatter"....I contributed considerably to the chatter as well. But seeing myself in a stagnant state un-nerved me. As progress is being made in the preparation of the art studio I gain strength in character. I am making forward movements towards my goal and that feels healthy. We'll see what I write about when I finally have paintbrush in hand working on and oil painting in my studio!


  1. :) Such great intensity in the thought of being without a paintbrush another day; yet and still the continuous excitement of fewer days to come.. :)

  2. Hi sis,
    Good morning. I'm so happy that your breast scans came back negative. We really didn't need that problem. It's so good to see you scheduling all these appointments to see if your body is behaving, Like me, most people don't go to a doctor unless they feel that something is wrong. I can't wait to see what your gonna paint next. The studio will come, not as fast as we all would like it to, but since I've been home I've seen an incredible difference. Well I got up late and checked my email and there you were so I had to respond to you, but I gotta get ready for work so I'm gonna cut this one short. Take care and I'll see you later. Love you. Mike

  3. Michelle:
    I'm glad everything came out alright for you. Health is really important
    for happiness. TATAs are too.
    Today Bob Marum's wife called me and said Bob passed away last night in his sleep. He was 70 yrs old and was in good health until last night.
    Unbelievable. I was good friends with him and socialized with him over the
    I guess we all only have a short time here. Make the most of it...