Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How do you NOT know you're getting braces?!

Some days just take you by suprise.
For me it started on my way to work. It was a cold rainy morning. I'm at the light - daydreaming waiting for the green. I wasn't thinking about anything in particular or anything significant when suddenly I'm rear ended! The car behind me overshot their breaking distance against the slick wet road and bangs into my rear bumper. I instinctively check my rearview mirror to see what's going on. Its just me and the other car on the road.

I get out of my car to check things out. Clearly it was a minor hit with neither car suffering any damage. The adrenaline rush was the most outstanding part of the hit. I walk over to the other car and a woman looking disheveled is apologizing profusely! She has her window rolled down and I touch her hand asking if she is ok. She shakes her head yes. I return a smile to reassure her that everything is alright and tell her to be safe and have a better day.

I go back to my car and wait for the light to change. Now I'm back on my route to work a little shaken and very aware!

That was enough to get my attention however it doesn't stop there. That was just the start. The rest of my day looked more like a chapter in the novel, Lemony Snicket's - A series of Unfortunate Events...
At work I was faced with multiple deadlines and had to unexpectedly drive across town running errands for an upcoming school event.
And then once back in class the paper mache zebra I was making fell apart before my eyes.  The kids were sympathizing over the sick looking animal. I had to just quit and take the thing home for major surgery. (That NEVER happens...frown)

It gets better....
It was lunchtime and I was on my way home to rest and regroup when the alarm on my phone screams its time for my orthodontist appointment. This visit was supposed to be the last of a series of visits to fix a tooth that was falling forward. 

Instead of being signed off with a great smile the doc is very concerned with a troublesome tooth that won't budge and suggest drastic measures.  Some technical garbidy goop talk later my mouth is being pried open. I must have been in a daze cuz the next thing I know there's a wire being afixed to my teeth. I honestly didn't realize I was getting a bonefide set of braces put in my mouth! The doc then rattles off  (almost as an afterthought)  all the foods I can't eat and how now my food needs to be cut into small pieces! That was the only preparation for my new metal mouth!

Who does that...wake up and not know they are getting braces that day?!

I at least got to get the hot pink elastics!

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