Monday, February 18, 2013

Milestone - (in vitro 2nd cycle)

Things are moving along quickly this cycle.
I've been on Lupron for just about a month. Trying to track my body's response to the medication is tricky. Initially I did not feel any different. This week however, I had some symptoms I'm not sure if they were caused by the medication.

I had my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork on Wednesday, Feb. 13. My lining was a perfect 3mm thick and blood levels right where they need to be. So right now the plan projects embryo transfer on March 4. There are two multicelled embryos ready to thaw and implant. We will implant both embryos.

Ok...February 1 - 12  I was on 10 units of Lupron. Throughout that time I did not feel any affects of the medication.
February 13 I dropped down to 5 units of Lupron. Still normal.
February 14 I continued with the 5 units of Lupron. My movement at school was typical, however, I developed a slight headache in the morning and by 2pm it turned into a full blown migraine. I ended up going to bed by 4 pm until the next morning.
February 15 I added 1 estrogen patch along with the Lupron. My head was pounding in the morning but had subsided to a normal headache by the afternoon.
February 17 I put on a fresh estrogen patch and continue with the Lupron. My headache never went away but its only slight. Nothing to stop me from my everyday tasks.

I'm excited about this cycle and a little anxious. I have a list of things to accomplish before March 4th. Typically I will be on bed rest for about three days after the transfer so I want to make sure things are in order at home and school before then.  Plus I want to respect Shelly's feelings. She definitely wants me to do the least amount during this pregnancy. That can be a challenge for me as I am used to having multiple projects going on at the same time. Time to s-l-o-w down.
That's why I'm making a mad dash until March 4th!!! Smile

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