Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm pregnant..... Sort of, kind of!

Yesterday was filled with excitement, hope, anticipation, joy, love and nausea!
It was a big day for Shelly and Kevin! This is the second cycle attempt at getting pregnant. Last year's journey ended with sorrow filled tears. The two embryos placed inside my womb turned into a "blight ovum" - basically an empty embryonic sac miscarried at about 5 weeks. This year we approach the process with cautious optimism.

To all of our amazement, this year's transfer falls on the exact date as last year's - March 4th. Something that typically does not happen. The in-vito process itself can be surreal. It takes much of the mysteries of pregnancy and thrusts them into the foreground. You become intimate with little details that an unassisted pregnancy is not concerned with. For example, having bloodwork drawn every three or so days, I learned very quickly the delicate balance of  Lupron, Estradoil, Progesterone and Estrogen patches have on my body. Hormone levels and timing are everything. I became familiar how 456 Estrogen the day before transfer is a good thing!

This time around - the same as before - Shelly and Kevin have two embryos ready for transfer, both three cells old. So there is a definite possibility of twins. Having a set of beautiful 10 year old twins via the in-vitro process myself, I am mentally, physically and spiritually ready to be a gestational carrier for my step-sister Shelly.
I say that with assurance and then day one of implantation I'm taken down by waves of nausea for the entire day. It was as if someone was wringing out my intestines to dry. I started off eating crackers and drinking ginger ale, but after hours of that and no relief I decided to eat 'normal'. I slowly pulled apart porgies and chomped down collard greens. The real relief came when I slurped down a McDonald's smoothie!

I feel much better today. I'm comfortably propped up in bed for the next two days where I will spend my prescribed bed rest reading, writing and "rithmaticing"! The only thing left to do now is 'patiently' wait 11 days for the first pregnancy test and pray everything works out this time and I carry life to term for the anxious couple. God be with us!


  1. Michelle you are beautiful as always and what a beautiful and selfless thing your doing! I will pray for you, worry about you and rejoice with you each time I read these posts.
    Lisa :)

  2. Totally agree with you Lisa! Go head Michelle me with ya through it all love you!