Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Whose Afraid of Virgina Wolf?" (1966 black and white movie)

An Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton classic..... "Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolf" is a character study into the crafty lives of a bitter middle-aged married couple. It artfully displays the interplay and 'button-pushing' that borderlines torture the couple engages with one another.  They get so carried away with their liquor induced games of destruction they reel in another unassuming young couple and toy with them psychologically.

The movie exposes the hidden, twisted fantasy verses reality that exists in the private lives of couples. People married for many years know all the in's and out's of their mate and just what to say to reach their most vulnerable places....even to the point of potentially destroying them. However, annihilation of one means certain death for BOTH!

There are many scenes in the movie that are favorites of mine. One of which is when Elizabeth Taylor reaches an epiphany on where they went wrong in their relationship.  She forcefully snaps her fingers and keeps repeating, "It went snap!"
Her passion and drama thrusts through the scene with diabolical force.

I currently feel that same type of eye opening epiphany about life in general. People create mental prison for themselves all the while desiring freedom. Our prisons come in the form of time constraints, schedules and unrealistic expectations. Living free is living in the moment. That is the only real place change and freedom exists.

I love character study type movies that have limited settings and focus more on body language and dialogue of a few cast members to flesh out the core of the movie. Another movie of this type is "Castaway" 2000 with Tom Hanks.
As is "American Buffalo" 1996 with Dustin Hoffman.

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  1. mental prisons....those which we can only find escape within ourselves but seem powerless to locate the key.
    I have been looking for my key for the past year with assistance and although I feel I'm getting closer I've yet to discover it.