Thursday, January 27, 2011

Got any spare change brother?

I am currently reading a small book entitled, PEACE about the life journey of Mahatma Gandhi. The book briefly describes his enormous sacrifice he gave of himself, his whole life, but then the book is made mostly up of quotes from Gandhi. There is one that moves me most.....

"Be the change you want to see in the world..."

Its amazing how quotes can strike such profound cords in us. Its like reading something so simple that sums up an entire lifespan. Whether it is things we already do or things we aspire to. Its almost as if we are trying to touch our own humanity and connect with our world at the same time. In my silence a lot of time is devoted to observation. Watching the movement of people as well as my own movement when I am around others.

I am sitting in a Starbucks right now typing away. Watching. Everyone is in their own space. Not much talking. Folks ordering their potions while others listen to iPods or read newspapers. Some are studying out of books while others tap away on keyboards. People are generally cordial and polite to one another but that is the extent of it.

It reminds me of the universe. So many heavenly bodies swirling and orbiting around each other, never colliding. Each full of their own properties, gravitational pull, and density! If you get too close to some you will inevitably be drawn into their black hole. While other's have a radiance that makes our sun inferior. Right now I am like the moon....reflecting the light of others. My existence is dependent upon someone else's pull. Nice to gaze upon from afar but ordinary on the surface. However, my own pull does create a sway this way or that way in others. I change with each day. Some days you can see all of me and other days you can only get a sliver of who I am. And I am fine with that. I want to affect my world, even in the most subtle of ways. I am sure someday I will have my hand at being a nebula.

So what change could I be that I want to see in the world? Well, for starters I'd like to see the world be more patient with one another. Yeah....I could use a double dose of patience when faced with challenges. I am guilty of being quick tempered and irritated when things do not go "my way". That is something I definitely will meditate on and put into practice. I am sure I could create a laundry list of changes I'd like to see in the world, but for now I will spare myself too much change...... smile.


  1. THANK YOU!!! I needed that.... LOOOOVEE YOU!

  2. Sounds like a great place to start..patience..I could use more of that myself. I can see this book on the shelves and people snapping it up. I hope you use your insight from this year to write one.

    For everyone who is following you on your journey, or even hearing about it, you are creating a thought process. Maybe everyone wouldn't choose to go down the path you have but everyone will benefit from it. We could all do a little less talking and more listening..I know I could.

  3. Michelle- we met at borders in farmington today. I told you that I saw something in you bigger than your voice, bigger than most voices. Upon reading through your posts and better understanding your journey this year. It makes so much more sense. You truly are a being of and for the light, and i appreciate that in todays world. What you are doing is a beautiful thing, and I wanted to commend you publicly on it.

    I'm proud of you. Coming from someone so much younger than yourself, that may be weird, however, pride is pride, and i know that sometimes we just need to hear, read or in your case this year express it in some way.

    I plan on emailing you either later today or tomorrow.

    but i wanted to say for everyone to see.

    You are a beautiful person, and you are an inspiration to me and my own personal art.