Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year--- New Purpose!

Another year has flowed through our fingers like water rippling through the rocks of a stream.  Now, another year presents herself like a radiant bride full of hope and possibility.  Once again, I am seized with delight in taking on yet another yearly challenge.  At the beginning of each year, I assess where I've been and create new goals to cultivate opportunities for growth in character and as an artist.

2007 -- Year of Esther, complete overhaul of my life with a paradigm shift.
2008 -- Year of the Geisha, rebuilding the temple and loving myself.
2009 -- Year of the Artist, building of the physical studio.
2010 -- Retired from the Military (needed to shed the mechanical rote routine of the military)
2011 -- Year of Silence, awakening the artist within.
2012 -- Gave my body to Surrogacy for Shelly
2013 -- Year of the Showing Artist & Applied to UCONN Masters in Fine Arts Program
2014 -- "From Soapbox to Soap! --Don't just talk about it, BE about it.", taking action to benefit others.

My footing is sure as an artist. My path is before me.  It is fitting that things are coming full circle.  In my year of Esther (2007), I dissected every aspect of my life to make major changes for the purpose of becoming a better person.  My focus then turned inward to address loving myself from the inside out (2008). This set the stage to follow my passion as an artist and be true to self.  This energy created the tangible art studio where I work today (2009).  After working very hard for 21 years in the Air Force, it was time to close that chapter in my life.   I retired from the military in 2010.  I was in desperate need to strip the tough veneer of strict routine I developed out of necessity.  Drastic measures shocked my system to awaken the complete artist within--emerged, the Year of Silence (2011) where I literally stopped talking for a year.  This fully engaged all my senses, making me aware of the present moment. This was like leaving a dark cave for the first time while the sun lit up my face and warmed my soul.

I was strong in spirit and physically able to make an extreme sacrifice. In 2012 I gave my life completely over to my stepsister Shelly and became a Surrogate for her and her husband.  All aspects of my life centered around this endeavor. With a year and a half, two attempts and a painful miscarriage physically and emotionally behind me, I was ready to return my spirit to the reason I was created--to create!

In 2013 I decided to apply to UCONN's Masters in Fine Arts Program.  My desire to further my education sat and waited like a cheetah hiding in tall grasses waiting for the optimum time to explode with jaw-dropping speed taking down its prey. The application process for graduate school took the entire year to complete.  I presented a solid package that represents my abilities as an artist.  Now all I can do is sit and wait for UCONN to make its determination on whether I will be a candidate to enter into its gates.  I shall have my answer in February.

2013 also kept me busy establishing myself as an active showing artist thanks to my membership at the Canton Artist Guild, Gallery on the Green.  My spirit was filled from the ability to engage in art production on a daily basis.  Many hours were spent in the studio painting and creating art.  A major critique of my inventory took place to analyze what I have been saying as an artist.  This set in motion a fresh new direction for my art.  It is time for the messages imprinted on my heart to reach canvas!
Alicia Keys "This girl is on fire" rings in my ears...

My character was strengthened. However, growth and change are never ending and I find myself once again looking inward to assess what character changes are in need.  With Mind, Body and Spirit being the past focus it is now time to turn toward the outward man--Humanity!  I believe the greatest good comes from helping others.

January 2014 -- Taking Action!

I just finished reading the autobiography of Booker T. Washington: Up From Slavery.
The book is so inspiring and hopeful it would call anyone to action! I encourage reading it.  My notes are extensive from his writings. My next move is directly influenced by Booker T's perspective.  His collective efforts to create so much from nothing is amazing.  Be encouraged, for we can do the same. I am ahead of the curve....I got a whole lot of nothing to start with too!

My charge for 2014 is "From Soapbox to Soap! -- Don't talk about it, BE about it." 
I am setting an intention. Through a collaborative effort from every woman I know who cares to participate, I plan to compile writings on various topics that are of interest to women. We will write about our experiences, give advice, share lessons learned and best practices.  The goal is to share this knowledge with any woman within earshot for the purpose of improving our lives, helping others along the way and contributing to the world in positive ways.

My next blog entry will set this intention in motion.

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  1. This was great! I have ALWAYS been very proud of you young lady, and reading this makes me know that you haven't changed you have just gotten better!

    Whatever I can do to help you along your way, if I can do it, I will!!! Love ya,, Barb Baker