Saturday, January 25, 2014

Manifest your gifts.

Some people have known since they were children, what gifts and talents make them unique. Others, spend most of their adult life, still trying to "find themselves". For some, getting and education, finding a career, and maintaining a family overshadows talents buried deep inside. The details don't matter. What's paramount is tapping into the power within to manifest our gifts, making them come to life with tangible results.

Our gifts and talents come in all types of packages. There are packages wrapped in colorfully ornate shiny foil with elaborate silk bows, while others have solid colored paper neatly attached with a carefully placed tag. Some may be wrapped in scraps of plain newspaper barely secured together.  It doesn't matter what the package looks like, but rather, the gift inside the package, that counts.  A brilliant gift may be the ability to draw a person's face so realistically that it looks like a photograph. Someone may play a composition on the piano so beautifully it elicits tears from the hearer. A more subtle and hidden talent may be the ability to actively listen to a friend so intently as to make them feel special and loved.

Once our gifts manifest, we can meet the needs of others.  Other people's needs present themselves so we may have opportunities to exercise our talents and gifts.  Helping one other, uplifting one another and giving to one another is a way to cherish and honor humanity. Let us search ourselves to identify our unique gifts, give birth to them and share them with the world.  We are all uniquely made creations with limitless potential. The universe has immeasurable energy to manifest ALL of our abilities.

If you think to yourself, "I don't know what my gifts are?" A simple place to start is to ask yourself.
"What do you do that makes others feel good?"
You could be a chef and have a favorite recipe that always fills a belly and puts a smile on someones face.

Please share with me YOUR unique gifts.

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