Thursday, January 16, 2014

My hope is simple.  I want to share whatever talent I have with other women.  Anything that I have learned that can be helpful to another woman, I wish to share it.
I have observed over the years that all of us have so much to offer others by way of our personal experiences.  I have had isolated, stimulating conversations with different women.  However, the conversation only benefited the two of us and the power in the information was lost once the conversation was over.  There is a need for us all to own the knowledge we have, share it and feel the obligation to uplift those around us for the betterment of mankind – womankind!
I want to call us to action! We need a way to harness the power in this valuable information and share it between us to help improve our lives.
My plan is to write about various topics that affect women.  Things we may take for granted.  Topics will cover a variety of areas such as finances, health, eating habits, care of one’s body, physical fitness, intellectual stimulation, meditations, industry, stress relief, spirituality, sharing talents and any topic you would like to hear about.  I will post any writings on my blog as a way to share information.  I invite you to share your experiences, lessons learned and best practices.  We will share this information to learn about others, ourselves as well as pass this information on to other women.  We can all stand to improve our characters and situations.
I will post entries, ask questions and request your input along the way.  I would like this to be an interactive way of sharing valuable information between women.

I envision compiling all this information into one document called,
“From Soapbox to Soap!” Don’t just talk about it -  Be about it.

What is the next step?
First, please join my blog,  this is the first step in reaching out to all types of women.  I plan to use the blog as a central location for sharing information.  Once you become a member, all posts will generate an email sent directly to you.  You will also be able to add comments and share your experiences so others can benefit from your experiences.  
Please join the blog even if you do not wish to write anything.  Maybe through reading what others have learned, you will realize your own potential of being a beacon of light for someone else.  
Please pass this on.  The more women involved, the more stimulating the information.



  1. Ahhh I see....Don't just talk about the the soap! :) Just kidding...I love this idea so much!
    You are a wonder! I know this will bring about great things in you and in others! I want to help in any way I can. As the kids say to me...I love you a million! :)

  2. Matirx reference..... "There is no soap." smile
    I love you a google. hee hee hee