Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Know who you're dealing with..."

The age old dilemma of relationships. The reason Shakespeare and the bible are timeless. There is nothing new under the sun.
"People stuff" I call it. The ebb and flow of human interaction. I may rely on intuition where my counterpart relies on logic. Where is the common ground? There is so much that is not said and expected to be understood and then there are times things are said and no understanding can be reached. We are a troublesome lot.

I'm probably putting all my eggs in one basket here....but I heavily rely on my best friend for mental comfort. However not being the emotional type their response is more of distance and lack of interest for all things charged emotionally. So I'm left misunderstood and frustrated. I'm supposed to know they are not emotional and they are supposed to know I am emotional....yeah, good luck with that one.

Today was a challenge. Nothing too hard....just a bit of a reality check. I had my first of many doctors visits to begin the process of the embryo transfer for my step-sister. Although I am ready physically, mentally, and spiritually....and excited to offer myself in this way, I had to take a moment to digest the upcoming calender. Having gone through this before there is definitely a certain understanding of how the process will go.  But when I looked at the calender of medications I am to start taking, I was instantly flooded with memories of painful injections and hormonal mood swings!

My life will now be in the hands of a team of doctors mapping out my every move. Coupled with my step-sister there every step of the way rising and falling to the occasion of every appointment.  Yes, I was hit with the reality of things being well under way. So whatever I needed to do to be ready...had to be done already!
Like I said, I just needed to take a moment....and here it is.


  1. Good morning my friend,I am learning you and would love to continue with you on your journey in the hope that I can be a part of your experience;you learn me as well and we gain another friendship that stands not alone because that could never be but together for infinity....

  2. The bible, Shakespeare and sesame street. How the world is a pattern repeated over and over. But you are outside the typical. (outside the box perhaps ). While you ready yourself to embark on a journey on every level, I stand by you in awe and love. I am here to listen, hold your hand and rub your belly. Really all I can say to you is WOW. You are amazing. Oxoxoxoxoxox

    Suzanne Levy

  3. Hey Michelle:

    There are sometimes when you have to walk certain journeys alone. Friends are wonderful to have but sometimes God in His infinite wisdom is letting us know that when they are not available, He is.

    Next time you are feeling in need of that support, I am a phone call away but if you don't reach me, let God know that you need an appointment. He will know what He is dealing with.

    Love you.