Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013...the year is almost over!

It is day 15 of the first month of the year 2013. Already so much is swarming around in my head, it feels like there is not enough time in the year to accomplish it all. Silly coming from a person who proclaims LOUDLY, "Time and Space are relative!". My strength is in the moment. So when I begin entering the realm of future thought I instantly get overwhelmed. My freedom is nabbed right under my nose. Time to move within my position of strength.

It IS possible to live in the moment AND plan my future without losing my free spirit in the process. So here goes... The following is a list of adventures I will undertake in 2013.

January: Begin the exciting journey of becoming a surrogate for my step-sister. Currently she has two frozen embryos waiting to enter my womb.  

January til December: Apply to UCONN for graduate school. Proposed entry September 2014. Need: Application, Artist Statement, transcripts, standardized graduate test, financial application and portfolio review.  

March: Heart of Montessori art show (first ever). Showing student art work since September 2012 from the classes I taught.

May: MSGH (Montessori School of Greater Hartford) Gala video - produce and edit, Donation of artwork I created and a donation of three free art lessons to auction off at the Gala .

Saturdays: Teach private lessons for students at Artpeace Studio.  

Dream/Goal for the year: Personal art show at a local gallery.  

Upgrade Artpeace Studio: Revamp website, updated business cards, organize digital files, network digital files, update resume, and gain remote access to digital archive (examples of artwork)

At first glance the list for 2013 appears overwhelming, however as I live in the moment, when real change  happens, it becomes clear I am already equipped with everything needed to accomplish my goals.

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