Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Drop of Water

     Nature is the best place to quiet ones mind and get back to our true essence. The man made world is a harsh and crude place. Man surrounds himself with all kinds of activities that feed his flesh, leaving the mind and spirit to wither.
     Sometimes getting back to purity requires recognizing purity and staying in touch with things that are pure. My proximity to what taints my soul is too close. If one is not watchful and you surround your senses with the negativity man spews, he can creep in causing you to believe his lies.
     If I am an ink droplet and I fall into an ink well, I become even more saturated with ink. But if I am that same ink droplet that falls into a clear pond, I do not contaminate the pond but rather the pond in its vast pure-ness over powers me and diffuses my statin until you can not recognize me from the pure. I become purified.
     My spirit craves a return to its original pure creation.

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