Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Finding Balance

Typically the fall is my favorite season where everything comes together. My mind is strong. My daily workouts are well underway. I'm focused on the direction I wish to take my art.  I'm even more in tuned with my spiritual being. 

2014 seems to hold a different fate for me. I'm finding my mind scattered as if I'm waiting for permission for something unknown. As if I need permission to continue my life. Why? I'm not entirely sure.  I surmise that coming into the fall I have a few areas of life in the air. I wasn't sure how the school year schedule would play out. My kids are transitioning into a new school environment. I'm not able to find an MFA program for this semester which pushes things back about 2 years. 

My personal art is always in a state of limbo, where I honestly have to find the time to create and not feel I'm neglecting my family responsibilities. Yet I'm pulled to the studio because I need to create new work to show in juried shows nationally to prepare my for my eventual journey to Graduate school.

My thoughts are jumbled. I'm in the fight and will continue to pull from the energy of the universe to find balance.

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