Friday, December 13, 2013


I saw a dear friend today. My spirit was recovering from yesterday and I did not feel like going anywhere. I'm glad I pushed through with the centering thought to encourage someone else. I ended up the one encouraged.
As Ladybug spoke, I found myself remembering all the fun we had while working together teaching in a 5 th grade science program together. I missed working with her. She talked about so many interesting things. One thing that stood out....she shared the insight about how you never know whose life you touch in profound ways by doing the simple things. In her younger years she would visit with a friend who apparently didn't have many friends, but Ladybug would extend herself to this person by just sitting with her and listening. After many years this woman came to her and thanked her for her friendship and told Ladybug how her actions changed this woman's life. It was a lovely story.
While just listening, I began to feel encouraged. 
Friendship is a beautiful gift. I'm blessed to have the type of friendships that can easily pick up wherever they left off, even when we don't see each other often.
I hope not so much time passes before we see each other again.
Ladybug you are beautiful inside and out!


  1. Michelle, a lengthy response would sound like an echo. I love you! XOOOO

  2. This is what friendship about it shows a lil effort can change a alot by being u. Beautiful. Miss u!

  3. Both of you beautiful women have such a glow about you. It is obvious that both of you made each other feel better and stronger! OXOXOXOXOX!