Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My inspiration....

Most days I'm pretty focused naturally. Lots of people attribute the military, for my being highly organized...I say it's my OCD! In any event, I can manage to get a lot done fairly quickly. I look to my kids for inspiration to give my best in all things. They watch closely what I do and modeling behavior is important to me. My heart wants the best for them.
Juggling their needs, the family schedule and my goals is challenging.

Right now my mind races. The holidays are upon us and the twins are so excited! Work is going better than I could have imagined! It comes with lots of responsibility. My goals for the Art Workshops have increased and I need to complete the proposal for the spring. 
Madi and Wave are maturing beautifully. Their character is strong and steadfast. I'm proud of how they take on leadership roles with their peers and at the same time, they are loving, compassionate and empathetic. Parenting is a challenge and the rewards are great! 

However, my greatest challenge right now, is my application for UCONN. I reflect back to the beginning of the year. That's when I started actively getting my entire studio upgraded and ready to accommodate the demands of graduate work. I'm currently at the very last step in the process...SUBMISSION OF MY ART FOR THEIR PORTFOLIO REVIEW! I need to submit 20 pieces of my best work. 
There have been a strong few who have helped me tremendously get to this point. Whether it was help with writing my Artist Statement, organizing my studio or just plain lighting a fire under me to motivate my intentions, I have a great support team! I'm eternally grateful for all the help I've received and continue to receive.
I'm filled with nervous energy....I'm giving this my best. It's funny in a way, that one of my challenges is having so much art to curate for the 20 pieces. Selecting my best work is hard. However, I'd much rather have the problem of having TOO MUCH artwork to choose from than not enough!
I have a January 1st deadline for the 20 piece art submission into UCONN's Maters of Fine Art program. Once I complete my submission and "hit send", UCONN will contact me in February as to whether I am accepted into the Graduate Program. I pray I get in.
Well, it's time to workout and start my day! Peace

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