Friday, September 24, 2010

When you can't get stained glass......use spray paint!

We are created the way we are. I was born an African American of fair skin. Light skinneded they call it. High Yella. Redbone. Mulatto. Mutt. Stuck-up! All sorts of colorful labels. From the time I entered school to this day I feel the effects of peoples judgements - for and against me just because of my skin color. We haven't even considered my socioeconomic status or my level of education. What I have or don't have. Or what about my choice in dress and appearance? That's an accurate body of information to thrust labels and judgements upon, right? All that nonsense is but mere distraction, a road block of sorts.
No matter what our substance or appearance is, we are all viable. We use what we got to make it happen. Whatever that "it" is. Notice the church with spray painted windows because stained glass is expensive and hard to come by, "not having" doesn't stop them. Isn't the point of the church, to meet together and worship? Who cares what the windows look like? And if you're hung up on what the church looks missed the point.

I listened attentively to a very wise person this weekend. The words cut but I need to hear them. I don't want to miss the point. We talked concerning my art studio. I have been spending alot of time obsessing and worrying about all the fine details in finishing its construction. Like--- the baseboard molding, a few more outlets, a fire detector, and finishing touches on cosmetics...blah blah blah. I am the closest I have ever been to having a pristine space solely for the creation of art. The advice was for me not to loose sight of my goal. (to create) Stop and realize what I ALREADY have. So what every little detail is not in place! What already exist is phenomenal. I was warned against loosing my hunger. There are people with far less and it does not stop them from staying focused on what moves them. No label or status is going to stop them from actively dreaming and doing. The substance is already inside me. I don't need pretty walls to create. The fact that I have pretty walls is simply a blessing. I could be in four walls and a toilet and the desire to create would not diminish. So what I don't have stained glass! Get a can of spray paint! Create! Stop waiting!


  1. They is right u can be in the garage with 1 lamp ur painting equipment. That's all u need because u are the inspiration so do what u best create ur art and stop thinkin about it.

  2. I have NO "studio"...I lost that space when my son was born.I store supplies wherever I can safely and as inconspicuously as possible I am compelled to create. I use whatever space in the house I need to get the job done... but I have to clean everything promptly so the kids don't get into it. This has not slowed me down. I have had 4 solo exhibits this year and am writing this while taking a break from a project. All this to say. STAY FOCUSED and APPRECIATE your blessing. I can't wait to see what you produce from your upcoming decision. LET YOUR TALENT SHINE ♥

  3. Amen, you could be cripple, blind and could not create, excuses are like hearts, everyone has one. See ya soon.

  4. Well now... What else is there to say? Do your thing, girl!