Saturday, September 25, 2010

T x Pp + A = Creation (I can handle simple math)

In coming out of my coma for the last month, I began to think about the process of thought and how it relates to the manifestation of the physical world. What is thought? This invisible sensation....Is it part of or separate from the physical body? A chemical reaction perhaps? The mind-body dichotomy is perplexing.

Everything we create starts with the idea (content of cognition) that becomes the thought (forms conceived in the mind).....from there the magic happens! With forks to eat our food, chairs to sit in, toys to play with, cars to drive, our laptops and computers, to the many buildings that make up our cities....we create a lot of stuff. This physical world is our "proof" of thought. Our hands create what we think. The thoughts we have excite our neurons which fire across synapses and the messages travel from the brain to stimulate the nerve cells that contract our muscles and we move....our hands hold the tools that craft the things we conceive in our minds. God's creation is truly remarkable!

Theoretically "we" manifest good and evil concepts into tangible "products". Its choice. We choose to focus our attention, exercise our minds or power of reason in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at solutions or judgements. I have the ability to translate any state of mind into palpable works; through human perceptual experiences, dependant on stimuli from the external world, I can turn thought into positive or negative objects that can be touched or felt.
The same way I receive external stimuli to affect my decision making; I can create works that do the same for others. Creating artwork infused with feelings to evoke emotional sensations that stimulate the mind to action. The power to change the world lies within me - awaiting the ideas to form that cause the thoughts that excite the nerves that move the body that creates the artwork to stimulate someone else's mind into action.
So if I take my THOUGHTS (T) and multiply that by the PHYSICAL POTENTIAL (Pp) adding in my talent for ART (A) I get CREATION..... T x Pp + A = CREATION! (who says artists are bad at math? smile)


  1. Love it... what happens when the thoughts swirl constantly in your mind not producing anything?? Perhaps that's not even possible.. perhaps I am looking for tangible creation, where as thoughts can produce more thoughts and those thoughts produce feelings and beliefs..