Friday, April 22, 2016

Death and life...

Up early thinking about the fleeting quality of life. We toil.  We run around according to watches,  rushing to places only to wait in line. We drive. "To-ing and fro-ing". We obsess. We worry. It's easy to miss the miracle of life.

Feeling stagnant, emotional and powerless I went for a run. I was arrested by the vision of a lone tree. So I stopped to enjoy a leafless tree amongst the backdrop of a full moon. The image inspired me to pause... to stop and feel the air on my skin.... to stop and notice life flowing through my veins. I noticed my pulse.... a vital sign of life. It became clear that 'in the moment' I have the power to change direction... to change my course. I can move slower, more deliberate with conscious intention. I can celebrate life.

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