Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Power of the Mind!

The objects around me don't change. They stay silent and unmoved. The dim glow from the lamp on my vanity fills the room. The weathered rug with its faded ornate floral pattern shows years of worn down patches.  The cherry finished dresser with scratches, nicks and liquid rings that have worn through the lacquer, sits littered with family photos. The ancient raw cotton, dingy white curtains that were inherited with the purchase of the home, hang lifeless to the floor. Even the now cracked pattern of the original canvas ceiling sags motionless.

None of these objects have life in them.  They are things. The only life associate with them is what I assign. How I view this room at any given moment will change its meaning and affect.  I could view the obvious worn elements of this room as being depressing and negative in nature; old and in need of replacement. Or I could see them as adding to the character and charm of the environment.
What about the overall feeling of the room? I could say this space has the feel of a suffocating prison with walls of confinement. A trap. Its well established setting bores me and I am unable to escape.  Or I could view the same room as a familiar comfortable cozy sanctuary with windows welcoming the promise of the world just within reach.

The room didn't change---only my mind!
What power?! We can create the best perspectives imaginable and our brains will obey and manifest what we tell it.
What is my outlook today? What shall I bring forth into the world today?

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