Friday, October 11, 2013

Position of strength...

Hmmmmm.... It's two am. I can't sleep. When my mind is busy there's no stopping it. I'm up thinking about my new role at Montessori School of Greater Hartford (MSGH) teaching the teachers through Art Workshops I've created. Then, like before, I go into the classroom and demonstrate art techniques using various mediums. The children gather around asking questions simply observing the process. When the feeling hits them, they begin their own compositions. It's a beautiful process to witness. The hours I spend in the classroom with the children is my anchor.  It allows me to freely create in an environment that is open to free association art production. Teaching is like breathing in this environment.

So why so much unrest?
As usual, without intention, my plate is full. I seek balance for ALL the areas I try to do well in:
*give my best at MSGH.

*practice my sign language.

*learn Spanish.

*consistently read to my children.

*doing creative projects with my own kids.

*help others through sharing my gifts.

*work on the video production ideas I've started. (Hand Over Fist, art tutorials, Year of Silence project, MSGH promotional video, family photos)

*publish my Art Workshops.

*CONSISTENTLY produce personal artwork to show. While gracefully handling the rejection from juried show submissions! (Note to self... STAY GROUNDED! You create for the love of it, NOT to please the masses, or even please that single juror who does not see value in your work. The value is inherent in the process of creation. Write this on your heart and you'll be fine.)...and celebrate successes. 

*And of course, exercise extreme patience in waiting for the verdict on the looming graduate application to UCONN's Art School for a Masters in Fine Art. Every fiber in my being wants to embark on this journey to obtain my MFA. I'm finally ready...but will the judging party think me worthy?

Instead of sleep, I'm going to paint. 
Good night.

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