Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Applying to UCONN

I have undertaken the rigorous and highly competitive application process for admission into UCONN's graduate program for Fine Arts.  I want to gain entry into the program for the fall semester of 2014. I am working hard on my application. UCONN' s Art School only accepts 5 applicants a year into the program!

I have written my Artist Statement of Purpose for UCONN and would love any constructive criticism. The statement should stand out and should tell the program's admissions committee all I would like to bring out in a personal interview. Include reasons for undertaking graduate work, ultimate plans,  and answer the questions who am I, where I've been and where I'm going in relation to art.

Please click the link below and read my attached statement to give any constructive criticisms.
Thank you for your time. Peace

Artist Statement

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  1. Hi Michelle! First let me say I am so excited/proud of you! What a great step into higher education! I believe that one day I will be referring to you as Dr. Thomas, esteemed and well loved proffessor of the arts. I loved your statement of purpose and am sending you my specific thougths via facebook message. I am so happy for you...your life is so inspiring.