Saturday, July 13, 2013

Embrace the possibilities...

In woman there seems to be this common thread of the ability to multi-task. I am no exception. In many circles I am known to always have a "full plate" if you will. Juggling teaching, family commitments, the kids social calendar, marital duties, spiritual growth, helping friends, social agendas, creating artwork, personal enrichment and the like. Frequently I am told, " You are always busy.".
So as I sit quiet and content in my mother's living room, I can appreciate the calm stillness. My mind contemplates the state it is in and I can say for the first time in a very long time, "I truly do not have a lot on my plate....its practically empty".

It is summer. I do not teach during this rest. Our household has no plans yet for any type of vacation. The kids are in camp all day. Stacy continues his ambitious work schedule. My immediate circle of friends has suffered a reduction leaving my social calendar WIDE OPEN.

However, the one constant that seems to never leave my plate is creating artwork. How refreshing the light fare of a clear mind with paintbrush in hand. The thought of the creative process freely flowing without being crowded brings an electrifying excitement. I begin to embrace the possibilities...

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  1. You are still Amazing! So in your Artful journey with Peace and Tranquillity in its place, enjoy the rest of your summer ventures.