Sunday, December 4, 2011

Near death....

Let's are out very late and far from home. You are exhausted from being awake for over 24 hours. All you want to do is get home to your nice, warm and cozy cocoon of a bed. However, the drive home is murder... (almost literally)

You begin your determined journey. All the necessary checks have been made: I.D., money, gas, seat belt, mirrors, and of course music for the ride. Its winter so you put the heater on high to quickly warm the cabin. As you drive down the highway there is barely a soul on the road. An occasional car passes you and their lights quickly fade into the dark landscape. The hum of the engine mixed with the music feels like a lullaby and a warm sensation moves through your body. Without effort your eyelids become shades being drawn for close of business. Everything goes BLACK! If you were conscience you would notice that you should not be driving with your eyes closed!

Suddenly an extreme jolt of pain whips through your spine, accompanied by a thunderous roar that sounds like falling boulders. The car you so commonly see as a source of protection becomes a thrashing epileptic. When you snap back to reality your foot instinctively slams on the brakes and episodes of your life are now sitting in the passenger seat beside you. Instead of meeting your demise you end up motionless in a ditch with your heart beating outside itself!

So now I ask you.....What are the millions of streaming thoughts in your head? Are your first thoughts a plea to God? But wait... maybe guilt floods in first because how can you ask your God to help you when you haven't exactly been doin' the right thang. (human logic is flawed). Ok with that out the way, what's next? Praise perhaps? Regrets? Things you wish you HAD done? There is still so much life to live! Or maybe images of all the people you wished you forgave? Are there people you still need to forgive? Time is of the essence. What will give you a clear conscience to end this chapter and enter into the next?

I'd like to think my mind is engulfed with memories of the people I love! My kids playing and saying I love you, my husband laughing, my mom kissing me, my best friend joking with me, and friends smiling.
There is still time.... I'm sitting here writing this, right?


  1. Is this something that acutally happened or is it theoretical? If it's real ...yikes in the strongest sense of the word..and what was the jolt of pain through your spine? What did you hit? Please give me details so I can properly freak out. For the record me thinks I would have the following thoughts. 1. Thank God I'm not dead/critically hurt....2. Did I hit anyone and are they hurt....3. Regret for having driven under those conditions...4. A myriad of life changing thoughts...

  2. I would first, undoubtedly, be thanking God for watching over me and My Life... Most likely my family and close friends, our memories and their well-being... and how i would make it to my warm/cozy humble abode...

  3. Hey did this actually happen, since I have been there unfortunately(on more than one occasion), I always thank God for sparing me! I have too much in life to accomplish! First & foremost, I would like to have a family of my own! I do know that it will happen, soon! Second, its time to regroup, get my bearings & continue my travels, whether by calling for help ie; tow truck & ride or just start driving again, but totally awake & more alert than ever! Thirdly, I would be thanking Jesus for giving me another day! O:-)