Thursday, September 29, 2011

This is a good read...

As I sit back to life reads as a magical fairytale with adventure around every corner. The main character always goes through some soul searching epiphany that changes her forever. The story is filled with colorful characters with amazing qualities. There is a lesson to be had at the end of every encounter. Story lines twist and turn but good ALWAYS triumphs over evil!
A new chapter has emerged!
The day before yesterday while I was busy in the studio creating to my heart's content, the house phone kept ringing with a unidentified number from New York. Regardless of who was on the other line, due to my year of silence, I do not answer the house phone. Especially when the number is of unknown origin! Yet, the fact that the calls came in throughout the day and evening unnerved me. "Who keeps calling from New York?"
The next day I got up at my usual 4:30am to make it to my early morning spin class at the gym. When I got home Stacy told me the most amazing news!
My brother, who I never met, got in touch with us! He was looking for his father and the listing came back to our address and phone number. So on the 27th of September he relentlessly called our home. However, it wasn't until the next morning while I was at the gym, he called and Stacy answered. He was looking for Waveris Harris. Our father. Sadly, Stacy had to tell him daddy had passed going on 4 years now.

The story of meeting my father for the first time is incredible on its this adds a whole new dimension!
On my dad's side I have three brothers: Darrell (the eldest and still missing), Christopher Middleton, and Jason Wade. All four of us have different mothers. All 4 of us were abandoned by our father when we were babies. None of us knew each other. When I turned 27 I sought out to find my dad and did. The adventure is like a story from the bible. You'd have to have faith to even consider how it was at all possible for me to find him the way I did. Then three months later he gives me away at my wedding. Shortly after that, homeless, he agrees to live with us. Our home is where he lived out the remainder of his life. He lived with us for about 9 years before Cancer slowly and painfully took his life. I was by his side holding his hand when he took his last breath. I love you daddy!

My brother Chris sought out to find our dad too, through a letter he wrote with his contact information on it. My dad was too embarrassed by his situation to ever call him. However, one day while visiting with my dad I found the letter and immediately called my brother. That day Chris came to us and met his father and sister for the first time! Shortly after that my dad and I were able to attend Chris's wedding! We keep in contact and love each other very much.

Now enters Jason Wade, 34 and very handsome!
My first text to Jason read,
"Hey long lost brother!!! I can't wait to meet you! I wanted to meet you when daddy first told me about you!" He immediately called me back. I didn't answer and instead sent another text,
"Ok...this is going to sound crazy but I can't answer the phone. I took a vow of silence this year and I am not talking...I can listen but I can't talk back." He texts back,
"LOL! Yeah your my sister!"
We spent the day texting each other, and I tried to answer all of Jason's question as thoroughly as I could. In the excitement of the moment I was texting my Aunt Alice (my dad's sister), my cousin Danie and my brother Christopher all at the same time to share about Jason. Everyone was so excited. I gave everyone his number so they could talk to him. I asked Jason,
"How's having an instant big ol family?" And he replied,
"Oh what a feeling! I can't wait to meet everyone!"
At one point Jason was extremely sad because he missed the opportunity to meet daddy. I tried my best to reassure him that I will do everything to share all I have about our dad. I have tons of pictures and videos from the holidays while he lived with us. Plus our extended family is big and beautiful! My dad has 4 sisters with kids of their own. I am close to all my aunts and cousins and love them dearly. Now Jason has a chance to see this side of the family he never knew.

This cliff hanger is awesome! I can't wait to see what happens next!

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  1. ALL Things are Possible Thru Christ... Phil 4:13,, My all-time favorite.. He's Good..!!