Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm sorry.....

This is an apology to myself.....I'm sorry.

No matter the circumstance DO NOT compromise your beliefs! During various times of stress it may seem in your best interest to alter what you would normally do and go with the flow. Resist the urge!
These are King Solomon-esqe words of advice. Take it from someone who has traveled that road extensively. ONLY turmoil, strife and guilt will come of it.

I actually thought I was helping the situation...(in my not so infinite wisdom) to go along with the "flow" of the other person, as not to make too big a wave. WRONG! It takes a stronger person to stand up to something that is even a little wrong, than to passively soothe the thing with empty yes's. It ends up being like putting a band aide on an arterial bleed. It OBVIOUSLY is not working.
Turns out the damage was long withstanding the original situation.

I have learned to take my own advice. Be consistent in your beliefs no matter who you are dealing with; whether friend or family. In the end you will undoubtedly be left with your own conscience to contend with....and as I let "man" down, I refuse to let myself down.
I'm glad I can still

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