Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daily Diary

WOW!!! Glad that has passed!
First THANK YOU to all of you who kept us in your thoughts and prayers. After sending out my S.O.S. to the prayer warriors that I know my home was flooded with encouraging words. THANK YOU! God's love is evident through you.
These last two weeks have been a challenge to say the least.... Having sick babies is no joke. My son Wave just woke up one morning saying he had a headache. Nothing too crazy. I gave him something for his headache and we all started our day as usual. We all went to school. It was a good thing I was teaching art to his class that day. By the time I finished my lesson Wave was on a couch in the reading section relaxing. Madi was fine doing work with her classmates. It was obvious that Wave was not going to make it through the day so I informed the teacher I was taking him home with me to get some rest.

Not soon after we got home Wave's system crashed. As quick as I can blink! It started with a fever that just kept climbing!!! Then something triggered his asthma.....and the roller coaster started from there! I was up with him all night trying to battle this fever from hell. At one point during the night he became delirious and terrified. The look in his eyes is what got my blood pumping! He was visibly scared. He was seeing visions of these guard-like men coming into his room through the walls to attack our house. We immediately brought him to the emergency room.They were able to get his fever under reasonable control and gave him steroids and a treatment for his asthma. When we got him home he was fairly comfortable.

Typically when Wave gets sick it hits him hard. It also seems like anything can trigger his asthma. We have changed all sorts of things in our house to make him more comfortable. From removing carpets to changing what we wash our clothes with. To see him struggling for air with the veins in his neck distended and his chest sucking in as far as it can go to get every inkling of air possible with his little heart racing.... leaves me feeling helpless. I sit with him making him as comfortable as possible. My favorite thing to do is kiss him between the eyes and rub his feet! smile

As if that was not enough to jolt the system. My daughter Madi caught the same exact fever! And the crazy thing here is that when Madi gets sick she is her brother's polar opposite. It can be a challenge to determine if she is even sick. Her spirit stays the same, she looks the same, her appetite even stays the same. So I have to exert my motherly will to keep her resting when I know she is under the weather. Not this time! She crashed as hard and as fast as Wave. The fever took over her body with a vengeance. Both of their fevers were fluctuating between 100 and 104 plus.

Then, she too had that same look in her eyes. Her eyes became wide and glassy looking. She was staring at me as if she was looking right through me. I'll never forget how that felt. It made a lump in my stomach. Then she became unresponsive while staring "through" me. I was shaking her, holding her, touching her trying to get her to say something. To move in any way. She was limp and staring. Now THAT is a terrifying feeling! One I NEVER want to experience again. The doctors did the same with her and we just kept managing their fevers. Sleep was a distant memory. Staying up tending to my babies was on the docket. Caring for them is my joy!

While taking care of Madi she likes to have my face close to hers. So I laid there with my cheek touching hers. I love the feeling of her breath across my face! I just laid with her holding her hand caressing her fingers, cheek to cheek. Occasionally I would take a cold cloth to her forehead. She likes that too.....smile. I love my babies and I hate to see them sick. Thank goodness whatever that fever was, it has passed. They are their lively energetic selves full of life!!! These twins give me double the excitement and double the LOVE! They keep the memories of my own childhood fresh.

I remember when I was a little girl and I would get sick.... my mom was the BEST at making a sick child feel just fine! This one time in particular I had a cold and was not feeling well at all. My mom sat my bed holding my hand. Then she did something magical that has never left my spirit to this day. We were of meager means to say the least....but my mom, she had this full length white rabbit coat kept in the closet, I just LOVED touching. It was so soft and pure white. You could feel how each pelt was sewn together. It also had a satin lining that was slippery and silky. A perfect contrast to the rabbit hair. Well, she took it out the closet and laid it on her sick baby! Anything to make her feel better. And it did! I remember feeling so full of love. I love my mommy! She taught me that when you give...give your best....give your all.

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  1. A true testament to the healing power of Love and the ultimate lesson of "To have all, give all".

    I love you, sis (Shell)