Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here goes nothing.....spoken words that is.

Well the time is arriving shortly here when I take on the journey of silence. 10 more days of "trying to get my point across".

Its funny how just the decision to do something extraordinary takes on a life of its own. What follows is expectation, success, failure and all sorts of conflicting emotions that need to be sorted and hung out to dry. But in the end being alive is what matters. How ever our journeys unfold, what's important is that we are alive while we live through them. Not just with a pulse but with fire coursing through our veins; with PASSION.

I feel in a dream-like state. I'm noticing my every move. How I listen, how I talk, how I respond....all with the anticipation of how will I fair when I can not rely on words to get the point across? Interesting observations to say the least. What I am finding most common is that I have no idea what I am talking about! Not in content but in words. I know what I feel and what I WANT to say most times, but the words come out garbled and twisted. Even my best friend is confused by my wordy antics. When I speak it come out alphabet soup! How am I to use a language effectively I haven't even mastered? I'm finding more often than not, that sometimes there just doesn't exist a word for a particular feeling or thought. So how does one get those ideas across?

I'm going to be quiet now.......making sense is overrated.


  1. I whole heartedly agree..making sense is overrated! Which is why I try to do it as little as possible...hahaha
    I hope we get to talk once more, with spoken words, before you begin your journey. Maybe the week after Christmas?

  2. Sometimes Unspoken Words are the best ways of communication, though it can be frustrating to the apathetic listener. Thinking often of the famous quote, "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words..;" I have come to realize that daily observation of people, places as well as things can provide a more detailed explanation within oneself, than any one person will explain or be able to...ONLY IF the Time is Taken to SEE or HEAR!! Thus, ALL things may Not Necessarily NEED to be said, To Be HEARD or UNDERSTOOD.. ;-)
    BEST WISHES in Ur YEAR 2 Come!!

  3. Your resolve seem solid, Your endeaver will no doubt be a success given who you are.

    Happy Holidays Michelle.