Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inspiration comes in unexpected places...

In a conversation about inspiration and focus, a friend of mine suggested I watch the movie, Billy Elliot. I did, and I cried many times throughout watching it. It was a beautiful movie with an unusual storyline.

Basically the main character is an 11 year old boy who takes to ballet instead of boxing in his small town of Durham, England. The movie was packed with the challenges of making such a choice. Perceptions from adults, friends and family. Then the movie touched on the individual. Do we know what drives us? Why we do what we do? Or even why we choose or NOT choose a particular path? What about when something is so much a part of us....can it be stopped?....should it be stopped?

All great thoughts produced by the movie. I was inspired!!


  1. WOW!!! After sending you the previous email, I then read your 2nd email abt the movie billy elliot.. What u wrote basically explained my whole life!!! Deeeeeeep!!!! (Spookie)

  2. I LOVE that of my all time favorites!