Friday, March 15, 2013

Bloodwork in a few hours...

What seems early is really my normal studio hours. I get up at about 2am to enjoy the quiet serenity of the art studio. I find it is my most productive time, when the whole house is quiet and asleep.

I just finished working on a piece and getting my lesson together for my students today. However the big event for the morning is the pregnant test. In a few hours at about 6:30am I will meet up with Shelly at UCONN medical to get bloodwork done for the pregnancy test. Typically I will get a call back just after mid-day to let me know if I am actually pregnant and the embryos are growing. Shelly and Kevin are anxiously waiting for the news that they are on their way to having a baby or not.

I'd say I'm excited, but it's in a more reserved way. I naturally don't get too nervous or excited ahead of time. I'm a more in the moment girl! Once I get the news THEN you see an overt response from me.

So for the next couple of hours I'm going to get some rest...and patiently wait. It is completely in God's hands. What will be will be!

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