Sunday, September 28, 2014

Delicate balance...

The sting of a bee can be excruciating to some and even cause a deathly allergic reaction in others. However, it is a miniscule price to pay when you change your perspective and look at the big picture. This pesky summertime nuisance, known as the honey bee, transfer pollen from plant to plant enabling fertilization so the plants may produce fruit. Food to sustain life.  Let's not forget they produce that yummy sweet substance called honey!

We may have people in our lives whose truth may sting us from time to time.  If the ones doing the stinging are of the honey bee type, then they are far more important to us than the brief discomfort from the pain they cause.  They may have a harmonious symbiotic relationship with us. The fruit that is produced from this relationship may sustain both your lives. So, the next time you are stung, try not to think about the temporary discomfort and instead remember the honey they produce. 

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