Sunday, July 28, 2013

Realizing I still have potential....

Recently I had been hit pretty hard with challenges is a few of my relationships. I can't even say that all the situations are resolved. However, I have entered in a space of resolve. 

I noticed that after the rejection, I pulled back. I went into myself a little. The criticisms I received altered my the point of shutting me down. Not something I'm proud of.

I noticed how I put my writing on hold by only "thinking" about what influences my world. I noticed how I shied away from sharing events in my life that my family and I engage in; something I would do naturally because I love them. I even entered my studio LESS...sacrilege!  I noticed how I actually thought to myself , "few really care about my existence or what I have to offer". (that alone can be immensely damaging)
Simply because I felt the sting of criticism. Really? 
My best friend would say to all that..."#%&@ 'um!" Although humorous to some degree I do not share that sentiment.

We will always find ourselves at the mercy of unjust criticisms. People will always find "what's wrong with me". I will be judged, talked about, told off, shunned, and out right rejected. It's the way of the world.

Luckily, I did not stay in that mindset for long...(long enough though). Long enough to say to myself, "Are you crazy Michelle?!" What you offer is light to the world, kindness, acceptance, love and peace. That does not mean it will be received. You can count on Man to NOT receive your gifts. That does not mean I should emulate Man's behavior or Love Man any less.

Something that helped change my perspective is a book I just finished reading. It's written by a friend of mine from church. The book is entitled, "Redefining Love" by Richard Binns.
The basic premise of the book is how our worldly definition of Love is so skewed that what we sow and reap is equivalent to hatred. We need to re-learn what Love is from a spiritual stand point. I have to say the book is gutsy and "in yo face!". Richard does not hold back in telling how far Man is off the mark. 
"Redefining Love takes an in-depth look at God's love and the amazing response that is expected from those who are called His children." -Richard Binns

I like to be challenged mentally and spiritually. It's where the real battle lies to improve one character. 

As I Gallery sit and gaze upon so much beautiful art on the walls I am reminded that God gives us so many talents to share. Not just the obvious talents of painting, singing, or playing an instrument but talents such as patience, grace, kindness and having a listener's ear. God has endowed me with multiple gifts to share with the world. And share I will.
My true character is refined as I share my gifts in the face of rejection. What really matters is for me to stay consistent in my beliefs and to show Love NO MATTER WHAT! 
I still have potential....


  1. Michelle,

    You have so much potential that you haven’t even begun to experience it yet! Never doubt you. Never doubt your heart. Never doubt love. I hate whenever you have to go through this because I know how deeply you love and care about people. I have and will continue to tell you that, everyone doesn’t value friends the way you do. Some people want to enter your inner circle not for a lifetime of friendship and love, but with the purpose of destruction. Destroy your mindset, physical well-being, your soul, your family and any other window you’ve open to them. Continue to love like crazy but keep your circle tight. You can love a lot people without letting them in that circle.

    Love you always,


    p.s. You know you shut down but I get mad when people go at you that way...NOT HAPPY WITH THEM!!

  2. WOW!!!! Thank you! Beautifully said 'Leenie'!!!!