Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Date

  When I mentioned to Madi that her grandfather affectionately named "Sandman" wanted to take her on a date, she lit up like the fourth of July! When I told her they we going to a concert to see Keiko Matsui, she just about exploded!  From the time the twins were infants we'd turn on the smooth jazz music channel for them to sleep to. So, Madi is very familiar with Keiko Matsui's music and even has her own personal favorites.
  She immediately stopped everything she was doing to get dressed. Madi zipped through the house trying on clothes and accessories.  This occasion called for something blue and sparkly!  Helping my ten year old daughter get ready for her date was surreal as a precursor for things to come.  The buzz in the house was contagious, even Wave joined in on the excitement. He gave Madi tips on hanging out with Sandman since he spent "man time" with Sandman this summer when they went to New York to the Intrepid together.
   How wonderful is it for her first concert date to be with her grandfather?  She will come away with so much valuable insight into how she is to be treated on a date. Its fun to watch my little girl's excitement.  They even went out to eat at a "burger joint"!
  Madi came home and couldn't wait to tell me all about it. She did not waste a single detail. The glow in her eyes was breathtaking.
  Thank you Sandman for loving my daughter!

Keiko Matsui, born in Tokyo, Japan as Keiko Doi, is a Japanese smooth jazz/jazz fusion/new age/ keyboardist and composer whose career spans three decades, during which time she has released twenty CDs and has received international acclaim. Wikipedia

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  1. I love it! She looks beautiful and so happy! Relationships with grandparents are so important. I still cherish the times I spent with my Nanny and Poppy. I had never heard of Keiko Matsui but just checked her out on youtube. LOVE!!! Thanks for introducing me! :)