Friday, March 11, 2011

Take my own advice...

"The situation you find yourself in now is small compared to the big picture"....
Easily said.
Take courage. My firm belief is that nothing happens by chance. We are all connected by the very nature of the chemistry that makes us up. Even the things around us, or the earth we live on, are all made up of the same chemical base. As the bible so eloquently states, "There is nothing new under the sun.". We have everything already inside us to create the reality we want.
The challenges we face are all part of our journey to refine us. Like metal in a furnace. We too come out the fire vibrant and strong! We need to be refined to be ready to do all things excellent.


  1. Hi neicey! I've been waitin...where ya been girl?!! (Lol) thanks for this.. I to strongly believe that nothing is coincidental... Everything happens for a reason...the only problem is I spend an incredible amount of time tryin to figure out why and how things happened (I analyze and dissect to much). Instead of just going with the flow! But thanks to you I'm learning!! (Isn't funny how you re-entered our lives) with ur dad at that! :-) well... Everything happens for a reason! Love you.... Auntie<3

  2. Thus saith my favorite scripture;
    I Can Do ALL Things Through CHRIST, Who Strengthens Me.... Phillipians 4:13